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What other teachers say

Although strong in content and use of language I thought it was necessary as it was a clear indication of what victims had to put up with.  The history section re slavery I also found compelling as it shows where the abusive vocabulary originated and why it can be so disrespectful.


Conroy Tame


Really powerful, and it has challenged my own beliefs and what we do in school. At parts I found it hard as its clear the impact that racism is having on people, and we certainly need to do more and take it more seriously. I am really going to take the ideas forward from this and use them in my own school. Thank you.


Anna Green


A well designed course which makes you think about the language that we hear every day and the experiences many people face during their lifetime. There are some good resources and links to videos included to share with children to help them understand such tricky topics that as adults we find hard to handle.

Jennette Francis


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Shaka Hislop

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‘Activities used have inspired me to use them in lessons. Developed my understanding of (hate crime, hate incidents and) how to recognise, react and report (them)’
‘I have found this very useful to take back to my everyday role. I found the language part very useful and educating’

‘It has really made me reflect on my own practice and I will definitely be sharing this back in school as part of staff personal development’

‘This was probably the most informative and useful training of my career so far. It‘s good to know that this kind of training is available. Everyone involved in the education of young people should take note’