Most frequent questions and answers

Just close the browser tab once you’ve completed a lesson. It won’t affect the progress data collected.

Go to your account and click on the ‘Edit profile’ button. Here you can chance a range of elements of your account including your password.

Go to the ‘My account page’and look for your list of courses. Once you have completed one you’ll see a blue wax seal icon under the ‘Certificate’ column. Click on the icon.


You should also be aware of the browser you use. Firefox tends to work the best, Safari or Chrome are pretty good (though Chrome updates can cause problems) and some users have found Microsoft Edge works well. Sometimes it’s a case of trying them out – o download them click on the below links:




Microsoft Edge 

If your question is about the technical side of the course (pages not loading etc) then email:

[email protected] or call our helpdesk on 07592032130.

If your question is about the content of the course  then please email:

[email protected]

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Navigating the course
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Using the Group Management page

To add a large number of users via csv to your group do the following:

Firstly down load the below excel workbook called ‘User Upload form.

You’ll then need to place your user data in the headings given in the sheet (see example below)

Leave the user_pass column empty so that a password is created and sent to each user.

When finished save the excel sheet as a ‘comma separated values . csv’ booklet (it’s about half down in the save dropdown box menu).

You will then be able to upload that booklet to the management page by clicking on the ‘User’ button and then ‘Upload Users’.