Promoting Equality and Tackling Racism in Schools



This new online training programme has been developed by experienced Show Racism the Red Card education workers. Based on our face to face equalities and teacher training, the online programme will support you to feel more confident in dealing with and responding to issues surrounding racism.

We know that lots of teachers don’t feel confident discussing racism with their students and can be worried about saying the wrong thing. This interactive and engaging training programme is designed to build your confidence and skills in recognising racism and responding appropriately in a school setting.

The full course consists of four modules, each taking between 60 – 90 minutes to complete. Each module includes a mix of text, videos, multiple choice quizzes, real world examples and links to further reading and online resources.

Module 1: Promoting Equality and Tackling Racism in Schools

Module 2: What does the Law say?

Module 3: Recognising, Responding and Challenging Racist Incidents

Module 4: The Language of Equality

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have an increased understanding of how to recognise racism

  • Be better equipped to respond to racist incidents

  • Have a greater understanding of appropriate terminology

  • Be more aware of the need for anti-racist practice

  • Understand the need to critically reflect on personal prejudices and professional practice

  • Be aware of the need for a culturally affirming curriculum/school ethos for all pupils


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